What’s Under the Hood?

What’s Under the Hood?
After an especially wet spring one year, the muddy condition of our dirt road made it nearly impossible to navigate and our little 4-cylinder Pontiac was not up to the task. I declared in frustration after almost two weeks of being housebound, “I want a Jeep!” Noted; my husband bought my first Jeep in 1994. To say I enjoyed driving the vehicle would be an understatement. And for several years I had the pleasure of sitting high and traversing whatever roads came my way. When it was time to trade in my beloved Jeep my husband insisted on purchasing an 8-cylinder vehicle. Not knowing anything about cars I protested vigorously because I did not want a different SUV. He prevailed and gave me the keys to a beautiful, new 1996 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (Gold Package).  I had to admit it was impressive. I guess I was just into the aesthetics and had no idea what was under the hood. I soon discovered why he wanted this size engine. One day as I was merging on to t…

My Father’s Voice

After years of journaling, writing on scraps of paper, backs of tablets, and collecting multiple yellow legal pads of notes, thoughts and questions, I have finally put some off these writings into my first book. My title is”My Father’s Voice” and you can learn more about my journey by visiting my website:
Grace & peace❤️

Leave the Panic Room

There was a movie that came out in 2002, called The Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster, and the story line is about a woman and her daughter experiencing a home invasion, and how they retreated to a panic room in their home for protection. We have seen horrific headlines about home invasions that resulted in devastating tragedies.  One could wonder if a panic room could have prevented some of those disastrous results?

A panic room, in real life, is a secure place to retreat to in time of a real or perceived imminent threat. It is a fortified space, constructed to withstand extreme force. Storms, like hurricanes, tornadoes would be a reason to construct a panic room. There are other dangers one might want to escape, like biological, or atomic attacks and, home invasions. These spaces are designed to accommodate the occupant/occupants for an extended period of time with food, air, communication, and what ever other life preserving resources necessary while keeping them safe from harm. Th…

The Metron

The word metron is a  term defining measurement. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means: the minimal unit of measure in classical Greek verse constituting in certain meters (as the iambic, trochaic, anapestic, and the lyric forms of dactylic) a syzygy of two feet, in others (as hexameters of epic verse) a dipody and where necessary for analysis in the case of spondaic series a single foot, and in compound meters (as the ionic and choriambic) a foot of four syllables (

 In scripture it refers to authority. The prophet Samuel had authority. I Sam 3:19 tells us that God did not allow any of Samuel's words fall to the ground. His authority range encompassed  prophet, priest, and judge. Saul was given authority by God to be king. In 1 Sam 13 Saul stepped out of his authority as king and took upon himself Samuel's role as priest. (Samuel's metron) It cost him the kingdom.  God tore the kingdom from Saul and gave it to Da…

Our Never Ending Celebration

It has been so long since I had something exciting to write to you my friends, but as we approach Christmas day my heart is filled with the joy and excitement of the reality of the plan of redemption conceived in the heart of God and covenanted between God and Jesus.  An everlasting covenant.
God's plan was so ingenious that none of the principalities and rulers knew or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory (I Cor 2:8)  Who would expect Almighty God to descend from heaven as a Seed and impregnate a young virgin? Who would think to look for Him in an animal stall, lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling cloths?  Who would anticipate His birth to be among the lowly,announced to shepherds in the field? No one! God confounds the wise with what seems foolish to man, but it is the Wisdom of God.
That starry night, the Hosts of Green Berets, and Navy Seals of heaven with the Heavenly Knighthood came to declare that the Christ, the Commander in Chief, was born and on earth, God…


Like so many people I have wanted to have a closer relationship with God and to truly be tuned in to His voice.  So many times I thought I was operating by direction from God only to realize and find out later that God wasn't in the mix.

I think we humans tend to make it hard to know God when He has said it is simple; spend time with Me and I will lead you and guide you.  Right...; is there some special super duper hard thing that I can do, God? Some severe or monumental sacrifice? No, He says seek first the Kingdom of God and all those other things will be added. What else can I do to be more tuned in to God?

We certainly don't seem to believe that God is not holding out on us, waiting until we reach super spiritual level 1or higher!. After all, Jesus suffered, so of course we must do so as well. So many thoughts and sermons, testimonies and other influences were swirling around when Father God gave me an analogy using my kitchen sponge.

I have a sponge that sits at the back …

Can You Give Me a Hand Here? I'm Drowning!

In the early 1970s when my husband was finishing up his undergrad degree at Hampton University, then, Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia, we would often go to the Naval Air Station at Dam Neck. This small naval installation located near Virginia Beach, Virginia had the most beautiful beach and we would slip away from the studies and take the kids and make a day of it.  I love the water, but never really learned to swim proficiently. Most of my experience was at the shallow end of the local public swimming pool, so my familiarity with the ocean was non existent.

I had just purchased this cute little black and white swimsuit with a jazzy red belt attached. It really didn't have straps, just two little holes on the sides, which when I slipped my arms into them... voila, it became a backless swimsuit. So cute! My idea of a fun day at the beach was to sit serenely in my cute little swimsuit and watch the antics of my kids and husband, and dole out the goodies. 
 My husband, this part…