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Our Never Ending Celebration

It has been so long since I had something exciting to write to you my friends, but as we approach Christmas day my heart is filled with the joy and excitement of the reality of the plan of redemption conceived in the heart of God and covenanted between God and Jesus.  An everlasting covenant.
God's plan was so ingenious that none of the principalities and rulers knew or they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory (I Cor 2:8)  Who would expect Almighty God to descend from heaven as a Seed and impregnate a young virgin? Who would think to look for Him in an animal stall, lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling cloths?  Who would anticipate His birth to be among the lowly,announced to shepherds in the field? No one! God confounds the wise with what seems foolish to man, but it is the Wisdom of God.
That starry night, the Hosts of Green Berets, and Navy Seals of heaven with the Heavenly Knighthood came to declare that the Christ, the Commander in Chief, was born and on earth, God…